IP and Resorts/Casinos

In today’s modern Resorts and Resort Casinos, technology is most visible in new gaming devices, visual surveillance systems, visual presentation systems, check-in/check-out systems, and customer loyalty systems including purchase tracking and data mining.

Implementing these newer Casino Technologies will present you with a number of Information Technology project undertakings such as:

  • Networked Multimedia (including Audio Controls, Video displays, Cameras)
  • Networked Player Tracking (including push and pull technologies)
  • Wireless Applications (including WiFi, Cellular, and 2 way radio systems)
  • Voice, Video, and Data Convergence (including Issues and Decision Points)
  • Converged Self-Service Solutions
  • High Reliability and Availability Solutions
  • Data Storage, and Replication
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Server Based Slots
  • Network Management Systems

A common factor in the design and implementation of most of these new technology systems is the capability to drive the data gathered by, and presented on the systems over standards based Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructures.